Select from our two different Party Hire Packages

iPod Package 1 – Mackie Thump 12″ Active Speakers with Stands, Mixer and wired Microphone.


This package is ideal for wedding and party venues with 50-100 guests – from just £90



iPod Package 2 – 2 x 12″ Mackie Thump Active Speakers with distance poles, 2 x 15″ Mackie Thump subwoofers, mixer and wired microphone. 


This package has two additional subwoofers for a deeper bass in addition to the iPod1 package, for venues with 100-200 guests – from just £110

iPod1 Package DetailsiPod2 Package Details

Product Features

iPod Part Package PA Audio Hire


Both our iPod packages use 2 high quality 12” Mackie Thump full range powered active speakers (800w) with stands, mixer and wired microphone. Our iPod 2 package offers an additional 2 x 18″ Mackie Thump Subwoofers,  All cables and wires supplied.



Colour coded cables and wires supplied with full instructions.

Crowd Size

iPod Package 1 is perfect for venues of 50 – 100 people.

iPod Package 2 is ideal for venues of 100 – 200 people

PA Audio Hire Colour Cables
PA Audio Hire Mixing desk
PA Audio Hire Microphone
PA Audio Hire Lighting Hire

Lighting Options

GigBAR 2, 4 in 1 lighting system with remote control & tripod.

£25 per light bar

PA Audio Hire Smoke Machine Hire

Smoke Machine

Smoke Machine 700w, 160m3 output. Remote Control. Includes 1.3l fluid.

£10 per day

PA Audio Hire Sub Woofer Hire

Sub Woofer

Bring the bass with the 1200w 18″ Mackie Thump, powered Sub Woofer.

From £15 per Sub

Fireworks Display

Firework Displays

Did you know we also do fabulous firework and lighting displays? Click here for more info.

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